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March 8th, 2016

By Philip Turner in: Canadian Books & Authors

Will Canadian Literature Finally Be Featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair?

Until this March 4 article by Globe & Mail Books Editor Mark Medley, I’m sure it wasn’t widely known outside of Canadian publishing that two years ago organizers of the Frankfurt Book Fair had invited Canada to be the fair’s featured country for 2017, a plum opportunity for any country’s book sector; nor that the Harper government, in typical fashion, stupidly declined the invitation (it would have required some investment).

Harper was horrible, and the government he created did too little to put cultural industries forward as economic generators. Glad to see that with PM Justin Trudeau leading Canada since last November the Book Fair has renewed the invitation. The Ministry of Heritage is considering it, with a decision possibly due this month on whether the funds required (around 4 million dollars CAN) will be provided. It would be for 2020. As an American editor who loves Canadian books, has published many Canadian authors in the US, and worked with many Canadian publishers, I’m very excited about this. It would be great to see Canadian literature recognized globally, even more than it is already. I’m hopeful this initiative will move forward.


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