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March 8th, 2016

By Philip Turner in: Media; News, Politics, History & Media

Justin Trudeau Was Great on 60 Minutes, While CBS Correspondent Lara Logan was Terrible

TrudeauI was eager to watch Justin Trudeau on 60 Minutes Sunday night, and indeed he handled himself very well, but I gotta say I disliked the attitude adopted by interviewer Lara Logan, which had a noticeable American rightwing edge to it with tendentious questions about the 25,000 Syrian refugees Canadians have admitted to their country since last December, and about ISIS. Prime Minister’s Trudeau’s executed a rapid turnaround in Canada’s international reputation, and is showing Canada and the world how to lead one’s country in a new direction, cultivating core social values, all with welcoming inclusion.

Update: During the CBS broadcast, I heard Lara Logan refer to Margaret Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s mother, and they showed a picture of a young woman with Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The only problem with this? Turns out, they had shown a picture of a different woman (Kim Cattrall, then a young actress). This reminded me that Logan has long been prone to making serious errors as a correspondent for 60 Minutes, like she did in 2013 when she promoted a faux memoir of a security operative who claimed, falsely, he had been in Benghazi when the US embassy there was attacked in 2012. I wrote about this at the time on my other blog, The Great Gray Bridge.

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